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Home Services

In-home care provided by a professional caregiver.

Personal Care

Hands-on services that assist with day-to-day activities.

Added Value

Professional, ethical, and quality service.

Who We Are

KamHarida Consult Care, Inc helps organizations within the healthcare sector optimize
their services and provides ministry standard care to those who are most vulnerable within our community.


KamHarida Consult Care, Inc is committed to building a healthier community by protecting the rights of those we serve while practicing safety and a sense of belonging and respect to advance the sectors we work within.


To restore hope and contribute to health and wellbeing by providing the best patient-centered care through integrated practice.


  • Treating everyone with dignity,
    honesty, respect and compassion
  • Being a caring and professional organization
  • Having progressive, innovative
    and adaptive personnel
  • Respecting individual rights

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